Monday 17 January 2022

Narrow Escape Rooms - Undetected Review (Sydney)

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In December 2020, my usual team of 4 returned to Narrow Escape Rooms in Penrith to play their latest room, Undetected.  We had previously been to Narrow Escape to play both Launch and The Inheritance.  We had really enjoyed both of our earlier experiences at Narrow Escape, particularly The Inheritance which is still one of our fave rooms in Sydney.

Undetected was my 161st room to date.  The theme of the room is as follows:

Narrow Tech Systems is largely known as being at the forefront of scientific discovery.  Your team has been handpicked to steal a revolutionary piece of technology that will change the world. It’s the Biggest Score of your lives, it’s your chance to prove your skills. Stealth is key to the success of this operation. Can you get in, steal the item and get out Undetected?

As the game summary sets out, Undetected involves players trying to break into a building to steal special technology.  Here’s what we thought about Undetected:

  •  Undetected has some really interesting tech throughout the entire experience.  There is a nice use of pre-recorded video at one point as well;
  • the game flow is really nicely designed in Undetected.  I am writing this review about a year after I was there (sorry for the delay!), but my recollection is that Undetected is a much more linear room in design than The Inheritance.  My team usually does best in non-linear rooms, as we typically divide and conquer;
  • there was a really nice mix of puzzles in Undetected, ranging from relatively low-tech, to very high tech (and even some dexterity puzzles where players need to show their coordination skills).  As with all tech in Narrow Escape Rooms’ rooms, it’s all completely seamless and well-concealed;
  • as always with Narrow Escape Rooms’ rooms, the props all made sense in the space (some of which were very geeky (and therefore uber cool)) and were well-integrated into the storyline; and
  • Undetected is a family-friendly room.  There are no dark or scary spaces so the room would be fine for little ones.

My team really enjoyed Undetected.  As a team of geeks, we really enjoyed the various easter eggs and geek references throughout, as well at the interesting puzzles and storyline.

Since playing Undetected, I had the pleasure of catching up with owners Shelley, Craig and Kit at an escape room enthusiasts catch up in December 2021.  It was awesome to talk about all things escape rooms, as well as 1980s and 1990s PC adventure games that we loved.  We also spoke about some potential future escape room plans for Narrow Escape, which sounded exciting.  I also (very subtly) pitched my own thoughts on great room ideas ;-)

Where                           Suite 4, First Floor, 2 Castlereagh Street, Penrith

Duration:                       60 minutes

Themes:                        3 rooms

Cost:                              $40 per player

Overall Rating:             A fun, geek-lovers room with interesting puzzles and lots of tech

More details:      


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