Monday, 25 November 2019

PANIQ Rooms Sydney - New Rooms!

Hi everyone

Akos, who together with his wife Martina owns PANIQ Rooms at The Rocks, contacted me recently to let me know that they are about to open 2 new rooms.

The first room is called "Godfather".  Akos tells me that the Sicily Mafia room is 100% Akos and Martina's design.  The room is a scene from The Godfather movie, based at the Godfather's Sicilian house and garden.

The second new room is called "House of Jumanji".  Akos tells me that Jungle is a Jumanji-inspired room with some high tech puzzles, including some original puzzles designed by Akos and Martina.

The 2 new rooms are slated to open in late November and will replace their Abandoned Military Bunker room.

My team has enjoyed all rooms at PANIQ Room to date, so we are really looking forward to checking out their new rooms.

As always, I'll report back here with reviews once I have checked out the new rooms.