Thursday, 1 June 2017

Jetpack Theatre - Review of Art Heist

Hi all

My team checked out Jetpack Theatre's Art Heist this past weekend.  We were our usual group of 4 adults, together with our now 7 month old "baby criminal" accomplice strapped to one of our chests.

Art Heist was our 57th room in Australia and our 44th room in Sydney.

This review is going to be a little different from my normal reviews in that I would describe Art Heist as more of an immersive theatre experience than a traditional escape room.  The aim of the game is not to solve 20 puzzles and open the exit door - instead, they have crafted a very immersive space where the aim is to evade, fool, distract, dodge, steal and run.

I REALLY want to go into some of the amazing details of this experience, but I can't without giving spoilers.  What I think I can say without giving anything away is that there are a number of actors in the space with you, which is a very different dynamic to almost all other escape rooms in Sydney.  The actors did such a great job - they were funny and were very good at improv.

I think the story, room design and puzzle design are incredibly well-considered.  It is one of those rare experiences where it seems very simple at first glance, but when you step back and really consider it, you can see just how much planning and design went into so many aspects.

The experience starts in a small waiting room where Jim, the director of Art Heist, met us and gave us the background story.  We were then let into the space, where we had 45 minutes to achieve the objective.

This was hands down the most pure fun I have had in an escape room (or escape room like) experience.  We spent the whole time giggling and acting like 5 year olds playing hide and seek.  At one point, all of us (4 adults and one baby) were hiding together under a table with our butts and feet hanging out the sides while a security guard walked past us whistling a tune.

The only real shame about Art Heist is that it is only open for a 2 month run.  It is due to finish on 30 July.  I sincerely hope that Jetpack Theatre's first foray into the "escape room meets immersive theatre" world is successful, so that they might run another experience again soon.

Not everyone agrees with my reviews on here (which is completely fair enough - I'm always happy to hear different people's experiences and views).  But I am utterly convinced that it is impossible to not enjoy Art Heist.  

If you don't do this room before it ends on 30 July, you are a foolish fool of a fool ;-)

Where:                   404 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill

45 minutes (plus briefing)


$40.50 each (4 players)

Overall Rating:
      A game of cat and mouse which was off the charts fun.  

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