Monday, 4 December 2017

New Solo Player Escape Room / Immersive Theatre Experience in Sydney - Monroe & Associates

Hi everyone

I learned recently online about an escape room/immersive theatre experience that is coming to Sydney in January.  It is part of the Sydney Festival lineup and will be based at Carriageworks at Eveleigh (near University of Sydney and Redfern).

This experience sounds like it is unlike anything else in Australia.  Each experience is only for one player at a time, not a group.  You play the role of Frankie Monroe, a private detective who awakes with amnesia and a key to an office.  According to their website, you need to solve puzzles, make phone calls and unscramble the past before your luck runs out.  You will also need to sift through vital tip-offs and hot leads and identify red herrings and goose chases.  

It sounds really interesting.  There are only 2 other experiences in Sydney that have live actors in them (Jetpack Theatre's Art Heist which has finished its run and Second Telling Missions' Sabotage the Enigma).  And whilst I have tried my hand at escaping from an escape room by myself before (Social Escape Rooms' Paris), this should be a very different experience again I think.

I am both intrigued and anxious about checking out this room - I have booked myself a ticket.

The tickets are on the pricey side at $89 per head, but if you consider that only one player can play at a time (and the fact that the experience is up to 90 minutes), I think it seems like good value.  Time will tell.

I will report back here in January after I have checked it out.  For anyone else interested, get in quick - there aren't many time slots left.  You can find out more information about Monroe & Associates here.


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