Thursday, 30 November 2017

Elude Escape Rooms - A new escape room outfit for Sydney

Hi everyone

I recently learned that Sydney has a new escape room outfit, called Elude Escape Rooms.  They are based in Galston (which is near Dural and about a 30 min drive from Parramatta or a 45 minute drive from the city).

Elude is run by Julia and Darren, a couple who got bitten by the addiction (that we escape room enthusiasts know all too well) while traveling in the UK earlier this year.  They have designed their room completely from scratch by themselves, which is really impressive.

Their first room is called Perpetual Motion:

A revolutionary breakthrough is set to change the course of history following claims than an engineer has modified a petrol engine to run on water.  Oil industries have publicly ridiculed the concept.  However, following the sudden disappearance of the engineer, the police believe that he was kidnaped to obtain the secret of his invention.  The only chance of saving him is to recover the Capacitor, but time is running out.

Julia and Darren have recently opened their business.  They have just the one room so far.  I think this room is run from part of their residential property, which is pretty cool.  The only other room I have been to that has been run from someone's residential property is Australia's first escape room in Flemington, VIC.  

You can find out more about Elude at their website here.

I'm hoping to get to check out Elude's room in the near future.  As always, I'll report back here with my review once we've been.



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