Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Labyrinth Escape Rooms' latest room opens - Mexican Cartel

Hi all

Labyrinth's much anticipated third room, Mexican Cartel, is about to open. 

Here's the summary of their room from their website:

You’re a high ranking member of the powerful Mexican Cartel but when a deal goes south, the rival Cartel starts kidnapping your men.  Your boss sends you back to his house to get his passports to move his family and all flee the country.  As you arrive, you get ambushed and locked inside. You over hear their leader will get there in an hour to execute you, so you need to break free from the handcuffs, find your way around the house to get the passports and escape without getting caught!  Will you outsmart the rival Cartels before it’s too late?

I'm really looking forward to going back to Labyrinth to check out both the Mexican Cartel room and the Mad Scientist room.  I'm hoping to get there in the next month or two.

Also, Labyrinth are planning something very special for later in the year.  I'll post more information here once dates and further details are known!



  1. That's great to Hear! This place is easily one of the best venues in Sydney

  2. We recently played with room with three people and we had an awesome time! The theme was great, puzzles and props were well used and fit in to the story. One particular puzzle was so clever I said it about four times out loud. Labyrinth has injected a little tech into this room so it's good to see them branch out their techniques.

    1. Hey K

      That's awesome. I'm really pleased you enjoyed their cartel room - I still haven't checked it out but hope to at some point. I understand Mexican Cartel is pretty popular in the USA (the room design is by Paniq Room in Hungary, who also designed their Mad Scientist and Insane Asylum rooms). The Hungarians definitely know how to design great rooms!

      I'm also glad to hear that Labyrinth have introduced some tech into their rooms - my favourite puzzles are low-tech puzzles, but I do like at least a little high tech puzzle or two thrown in. I loved Insane Asylum, but a little bit of tech definitely wouldn't hurt.