Sunday, 15 March 2015

Review of The Enigma Room - In Memoriam Theme

My group of friends (4 adults) checked out The Enigma Room's 'In Memoriam' room in March 2015. This was our twelfth escape room in Sydney so far.

We found the place very easily, thanks to an email they sent us the day before with directions and photographs of their entrance.  We were given a briefing by the owners, Matt and Barry before embarking on our attempt to escape from In Memoriam.

They currently have two rooms, Dr Disaster and In Memoriam.

First off, I'll say what I enjoyed most about In Memoriam at Enigma Room:

  • it was fantastic.  The room design is very clever and contains many different elements, both high tech and low tech;
  • every single puzzle is well considered, well designed and works perfectly;
  • the theming was fantastic - the props were all perfect, they made sense and really added to the overall feel of the room.  Every single item in the room made sense.  We all really appreciated that there was so much attention to detail with the props and theme;
  • the pre-escape room video is great and really got us in the mood for the escape;
  • the use of a tablet for communicating and obtaining clues was also perfect;
  • there were some puzzles that we had never seen before and which we all really liked - it's always nice to see something new and different;
  • the owners are very passionate about their rooms and it shows from the quality of the room.  They also took the time out to show us every element of the room, the thinking behind the puzzle design, theming and various 'easter eggs' hidden throughout; and
  • having done both this room and Enigma Room's Dr Disaster on the same night, we really loved that both rooms were completely different (but both of excellent quality). 

I have nothing negative to say about In Memoriam.  We did significantly better in this room than in their other Dr Disaster room - I think we just got luckier in this room.  So from my personal experience, I think this room was the easier of the two (but I understand from Matt and Barry that other teams who have tried both rooms at Enigma Room have had the opposite experience to us).

We enjoyed every minute of In Memoriam.  High tech puzzles unlike anything we have seen, a great theme (that was really well-executed) and a heap of fun.

I personally think the puzzles are pretty tricky (compared to the other 10 rooms we have done elsewhere Sydney).  I think first-timers might find this room pretty difficult (although a heap of fun either way).  I'd suggest warming up on some easier rooms (at other escape room outfits) before tackling this one if you're an escape room newb.  In so doing, you will also really appreciate just how good this room is compared to most of the competitor escape room outfits.  It is a truly excellent room.

My group really enjoyed In Memoriam and we all agreed it was a 5 out of 5 room.

Where:                    Suite 602, Level 6, 262 Pitt Street 

Duration:                60 minutes

2 themes 

$35 each (4 players) (We got an opening special)

Overall Rating:      5 out of 5 stars

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  1. Just got home from this room. Had no idea what an escape room was before my friends dragged me along today, so I was a complete newbie going in. Absolutely loved it, totally fantastic and engaging. The puzzles flowed beautifully and each was unique and satisfying to solve. It was easy enough that we made it out with time to spare, but difficult enough to make us all feel really smart and proud of ourselves for solving the room - pretty much the perfect difficulty balance. We were a group of 5, all first-timers.

    Now that I'm home I couldn't wait to start researching more escape rooms (will definitely be returning to Enigma to try their other theme!), and so I stumbled across your blog. I must say I'm a little disappointed to know that my first room was one of the best out there, I may have spoiled myself for future rooms!

    Do you have a list somewhere of your favorite rooms in Sydney? Or any that you feel are of equivalent quality to Enigma? I'm so excited to start exploring more rooms! Great blog :)

    1. Hey

      Apologies for the delay in response. I had put together a list of my favourite rooms a little while back. You are about the 6th person to ask me to update that list in fact. I have been working on my rankings and I hope to post this in the next week or two, so stay tuned.