Sunday, 1 February 2015

Upcoming Reviews

I've now posted reviews of 8 escape rooms (at 6 different escape room outfits) that my group of friends have checked out in Sydney recently.

I've just booked in the following future escapes:

(a)          Paniq Room - Supercell 117 (mid February)

(b)         The Mystery Puzzle - Casino Revenge Thriller theme (mid February)

(c)          Enigma Room - Dr Disaster (mid March)

(d)          Enigma Room - In Memoriam (mid March)

(e)          Escape of the Werewolf (scare and escape experience) (mid July)

My group also wants to go back to ClockLocked and check out their new Cleopatra room, which was due to open at the end of January.

This then just leaves Room Escape (aka Escape Club) at Kingsford - once we have tried out one of their rooms, we will then have tried out all 9 escape room operators in Sydney (plus the Werewolf scare experience).  I have not heard good things about Escape Club (both online and directly from people I know that have been there), which is probably why I haven't got around to going there yet.  I still want to check out at least one of their rooms though.

And who knows, even more operators may open soon - lately a new one has been opening up each month!  On that note, I have heard that Exitus, a Melbourne-based escape room outfit which is one of the biggest in the world (they have 5 different themed rooms) is planning on opening rooms in Sydney.

I'll report back here in mid February with my reviews of Paniq Room and The Mystery Puzzle's Casino Revenge Thriller.  I'm really hopeful that Paniq Room in particular is going to be awesome.


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