Sunday, 12 March 2017

New Escape Room in Parramatta - Scram Escape Rooms

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In February, a new escape room outfit opened its doors in Parramatta.  They are called Scram Escape Rooms.

The owners, Jess, Daniel and Walid, have told me that they are a standalone business and have done all of the design work themselves (ie none of the puzzles or room themes have been purchased from third party designers).  The owners noticed that there were a lack of things to do in Parramatta, and decided to change that by opening up their own rooms.

They have opened just the one room so far, but are currently constructing their second room which is coming soon.  Here are the very brief summaries of the room themes, taken from their website:

The Wizard Chambers

Your rival house team has hidden your wand and locked you in the dorms.  Can you solve their tricks to escape?  (3-6 players)

The Doll House

Will you escape?  Or will you be the puppet on strings?   

Their first room is The Wizard Chambers, which has a definite Harry Potter sound to it.  Jess tells me that the aim with this room was to create an immersive room that delved into childhood dreams.  

They are located in the Parramatta CBD, in a fantastic location only a short distance from Westfield.  

You can check out their website here.

My team will check out their room shortly and as always, I'll post my review on here.  As always, if you have tried their room, post a comment below and let us all know what you thought.



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