Monday, 28 November 2016

Christmas Gift Vouchers for Escape Rooms

Hi all

I have received a number of queries lately looking for escape room recommendations for those looking to buy an escape room experience as Christmas gifts. 

We are lucky that Sydney has so many great rooms to try out (although to be fair, we also have some pretty average rooms too).

So, if you’re looking to purchase an escape room experience as a Christmas gift, I recommend the following outfits (in no particular order – all of their rooms are awesome):

  • Paniq Room - gift vouchers available here;
  • Enigma Room - gift vouchers available here;
  • Next Level Escape - gift vouchers available here;
  • ParaPark Sydney - special "Christmas" themed gift vouchers available here;
  • The Cipher Room - gift vouchers available here;
  • Labyrinth Escape Rooms – send them an email here;
  • Mission Sydney- gift vouchers available here; and
  • Social Escape Rooms Sydney - send them an email here.

As for which rooms suit you best, drop me an email and tell me about the group (how many people, their ages, what themes you think they would like and their experience level) and I can point you in the right direction.

I think escape room gift vouchers make excellent Christmas presents (I’m always happy to receive them). 

It’s also a great way to introduce new people to the awesome world of escape rooms!



  1. As a new company, we're very flattered to be included in this list! Thanks for your support, Scott!

    The Cipher Room

  2. Just adding there still is those discount vouchers for places like ct adventures and mystery puzzle available on those discount places like Groupon and cudos