Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Sydney's latest escape room outfit - Break the Code+

Hi everyone

I have learned (from Andi, a reader of this blog) about a new escape room that has opened up in Sydney recently.  

The outfit is called Break the Code Plus.   They are located on George Street in Haymarket.
They opened on August 22.  They currently have 6 rooms, as summarised below.  Their website mentions that they plan to change up their rooms "every few months", which is something that other escape room outfits don't currently offer in Sydney.  

They also describe themselves as having bigger rooms and better codes than their competition.  They also suggest that their rooms are full of high tech puzzles.

Julia at Break the Code Plus sent me a short email telling me how the owners are avid escape room junkies and thought they would try their hand at opening up their own rooms in Sydney.  I hope to check them out shortly and will of course post a review!

If anyone has tried out any of their rooms (or does so in the future), please either send me an email to escaperoomsydney@gmail.com or post a comment below to let me know what you thought about their rooms (particularly compared to other escape room outfits in Sydney).

To find out more or to make a booking, click here to go to their website.


1.  Indiana Jones - Journey to the Secret Chamber

Incredible stories were told about an ancient relic which possessed special powers that can change the entire world. The Meso clan buried it in an undisclosed location to avoid it from the hands of evil men. For 2000 years, countless warriors fought to obtain this rare treasure in order to rule the world. Fascinated by the stories, you set sail for this rare treasure. With the clues given, you stumbled upon the entrance of a hidden chamber… (Difficulty Rating - 4/5)

2.  Avatar - The Secret of Pandora

Discover more about Pandora island to help you escape. In year 2090 , the human race invented Avatar helping them to explore the environmental life and rich minerals of Pandora Island. Your task is to discover more information and explore the way back. (Difficulty Rating - 4/5)

3.  Lost - Survivors of the Crash

You and your comrades ventured into the Amazon to execute a special mission. Your pilot loses conscious after being poisoned by a rare flower during the journey back home. The plane crashed deep into the jungle leaving you clueless about the location. Your task is to retrieve the black box and return to civilization.(Difficulty Rating - 4.5/5)

4.  Mission Stealth - Biohazard Virus 

Operation Stealth received information about the terrorist invented a new virus as weapons of mass destruction. The virus is a threat to the federal government and might alarm the civilians across the world. Your mission is to investigate, steal the virus and nullify their objectives. (Difficulty Rating - 3.5/5)

5.  Da Vinci - The Secrets Beneath

You are being invited by the Florence museum curator to study the renowned artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci. Soon your research reveals which believe to be secret maps and hidden clues in his amazing artwork. You have decided to trail the clues and uncover the secrets of Da Vinci’s paintings. (Difficulty Rating 4/5)

6.     Ghost Bomber - The Unsolved Crime Mystery

Aspired gaming elements of the Amazing race, running man & crime investigation. A serial bomber is on the loose for a long time and aims to kill innocent lives at all spots at major cities in Sydney. Many feared of his activity, causing panic among civilians and is a national threat to the country. The identity of the bomber remains unknown and the authorities are in the search for the notorious Ghost Bomber. The Ghost Bomber loves leaving trails of riddles for detectives to trail. Recent news confirmed that the Ghost Bomber will be planting a bomb in Lvl 1, 741 George St. Your tasks are to locate the bomb, defuse it BEFORE it explodes and identify the suspect. You have 60 MINUTES to solve the case.  [Note this is an outdoors escape]


  1. We did Da Vinci Code room tonight, it was my 16th escape room. It was good, puzzles were good, creative. Maybe a bit too reliant on one item. One puzzle required a team member to have a particular talent, that if they did not, you probably couldn't solve the puzzle without help. Shame, it is a brilliant puzzle really, just limiting. The theme and props are pretty good. The disappointing bit for us was that you just get walked into the room, no blindfold or backstory and start. To get a clue (1 of the 3 allowed) you have to go back to the first room to press a button on the front door, wait for a staff member to actually come into the room with you and help. Then when you get out, you walk into a corridor and they may not realise that you have escaped right away. Those things ruin the immersion for your team in the whole scene. The good thing is that all those things are easily fixable. Though with all 5star ratings on their FB page, I guess other people don't find this to be an issue.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I've purchased a pile of Groupons so I hope to be trying most of their rooms between now and the end of the year.

    2. Unknown is right about the Da Vinci there is no way my group could of figured out one of the puzzles without help. And the help was practically the answer! And some scanning glitches we just had to repeat the puzzles and it would eventually work! I didn't enjoy it as much unfortunately as the others in my group and this is my 6th room

    3. davinci code room-somebody ruin the game by draw code on painting .. bypass a lock case.(that throw us to a wrong deriction). we got stuck in one of the puzzle call in GM.. and they couldnt even solve.. facepalm.

  2. We made use of the Groupon voucher (for 2 ppl) and did Avatar last night.
    Admin-wise they have a fair bit to improve on. They were still setting up and seemed a little unorganised. I know they just opened but it didn't come across as very professional (perhaps they could do it outside of peak period?).
    I agree with the previous commenter on the need for a backstory and more congratulative moment/staff when gamers finish.
    Puzzles were fun with new tech we've never seen before. We felt the first puzzle was a tad difficult as the first task and could perhaps be a second/third instead.
    The owners were very responsive and positive with our feedback and suggestions so that's very promising.
    We bought some more vouchers to try the other rooms but perhaps will give them a few more weeks to settle in before booking in again.

    1. Hi Karen

      Thanks for your feedback. I too have tried out brand new escape rooms and have been disappointed by opening weekend glitches, etc. So I always give escape room outfits a month or so to iron out any issues before trying their rooms.

      I hope to try out all 5 of their rooms, so fingers crossed they are good quality!

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