Thursday, 16 July 2015

Sydney's newest escape room outfit opening August - Labyrinth Escape Rooms, Parramatta

Hi everyone

I've just learned that an eleventh escape room outfit is about to open its doors in Sydney. This outfit is called Labyrinth Escape Rooms and will be based in Parramatta.

They hope to open in August.  They will have 2 rooms to begin with, as follows:

Mad Scientist:
A crazed scientist is on the run! As watchmen track his path, you and your team are to go back to his lab to find his secret chemical concoction.
Nothing’s for certain; but we’re told this liquid substance has the power to rewind human ageing – for good! The clock is ticking to outsmart the mad scientist before it’s too late!

Insane Asylum:
Rumour has it that there was man who miraculously broke free from his locked cell years ago, never to be seen again. On the cusp of the seventieth year since the man broke free, strange things have been happening inside the hospital’s walls. Doctors have called in your team of medical experts in a desperate plea to solve the mystery case of the missing patient.

For more information, check out their website here.

I will check out Labyrinth Escape Rooms soon after they open and will report back here with a review!

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