Monday, 25 May 2015

ParaPark Sydney - Gateway 9B Now Open!!

Hi everyone

One of my favourite escape room outfits in Sydney, ParaPark Sydney, have just opened up a second, identical room to their Gateway 9A room (with the second room being called Gateway 9B).

This means that they can now accommodate groups of up to 10 people (or even 12 people on special request) trying to escape the same room at the same time (with each team being split into 2 groups of up to 6).

Gateway 9A is an EXCELLENT room which I think beginners and more experienced players would all love - see my earlier review here for more information.

With the addition of Gateway 9B, they are now perfectly suited to corporate groups.  I can't think of a better room in Sydney that can accommodate 10 (or 12) people - the only other contenders at the moment (that I am aware of) which can offer the same room (or identical rooms) for up to 12 people are Escape Hunt Sydney and Mystery Puzzle, both of which are very poorly themed and well below the quality of ParaPark Sydney's Gateway 9A.

Check them out - you will definitely love it!  I understand that their website is being updated at the moment to allow online bookings for Gateway 9B, but if you'd like to book straight away, either email them at or give Noemi a call on 0415 605 734.

They are also working on the final touches of their new third room, Crime Scene.  I can't wait to check it out when it opens!  I will post another blog update here once it has opened (and of course will post a review too once I have escaped from Crime Scene!).


  1. This place for my first escape room and I loved it!! They do help you get out and they give plenty of hints if need be and we got out with only one minute to go
    Everyone needs hints so don't be shy!!

    1. Agreed! Para Park's Gateway 9A is a great room - I think it's really suited to first timers and more advanced players alike! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!