Monday, 22 December 2014

Discount vouchers and coupons for Escape Rooms in Sydney

I thought another useful page here on my blog might be a list of all known vouchers and coupon, scoopon or groupon codes that provide discounts for escape rooms in Sydney.   If you are aware of any new codes (or if you own an escape room and want to publish a code here), please feel free to post a reply below with the code.

Discount Code
Mission Escape Sydney
None that I am aware of.
Escape Hunt Sydney
Student 15% discount Monday to Thursday only use code “STUDENT15”.

Special 15% discount Monday to Thursday for anyone until January 2015 use code “MID15”.
Room Escape
They are almost always on Groupon at around 50% off (see here for current link).

You can also become a member on their site (it’s free, you just have to share/like them on Facebook) and you then get the members’ only prices.
The Mystery Puzzle
Special 30% discount (can be used any time) – use code “mystery30p”.

Also, they currently have a Groupon for $15 per person (valid to 4 March 2015 - click here).  

They also happen to have a Scoopon right now for $15 per person (valid to 3 April 2015 - click here).
Clock Locked
They are often on Scoopon at around 50% off.  Watch out for deals for this one (and if I come across any new Scoopons/Groupon releases, I will post an update here).
Special 50% codes (for a limited time):

-        2 players use code “pass2”
-        3 players use code “pass3”
-        4 players use code “pass4”
-        5 players use code “pass5”

[I think these codes only applied prior to Christmas, so they might no longer work]
No current codes.
Paniq Room
No current codes.
Enigma Room
No codes yet but look out for opening   specials when they open (probably January/February)

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