Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Next Level Escape - A new escape room outfit is on its way

Hi all

I learned about a new escape room outfit that is coming to Sydney's CBD shortly (thanks Joan for letting me know!).

Next Level Escape is the brainchild of Aaron Hooper and Daniel Thomason, who are putting their tech and creative skills to good use in their 3 rooms, slated to open in August and September.

Here’s a quick summary of each of their rooms:

Ex Libris
Imagine you could visit the world of literature: fight alongside elves and dwarves as you the fate of Middle Earth is decided, travel 20,000 leagues under the sea with Captain Nemo aboard the Nautilus, curtsy to the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland – what fun!
But what if you couldn’t find your way back home…

The Artefact
A mysterious artefact with the power to destroy an entire civilisation, an infinitesimal chance to save the planet and everyone you love from certain death… it couldn’t be more dramatic if we tried! You’re an expert among the elite team of scientists tasked with the impossible. But heck, you know your stuff ­– what could possibly go wrong?

Blitz Room
Join Next Level Escape for a world-first opportunity: our Blitz Room. 15 minutes, 1–4 people, a room that changes every month, and incredible prizes for the best scores – what are you waiting for?!
Our first Blitz Room theme is Game of Thrones. You’ve watched the series, you’ve read the books; it’s time to take part in it yourself! Night gathers and now your watch begins…

The owners seem to share my crazy level of enthusiasm for great escape rooms (and old school PC adventure games), which is uber cool.

I’m truly intrigued by their Blitz Room – I love the idea of having an hour’s worth of puzzles but only 15 minutes to do your best.  Unlike anything I have heard of before.
They are currently hard at work building their rooms, which will be located at Level 2, 37 Bligh Street, Sydney.  

I have a feeling these rooms are going to be awesome.

You can check our more info at their website here.  Also, look out for competitions on their website for the chance to win tickets to their opening VIP room sessions!



  1. This place is just exactly above from mystery puzzle. Do u notice that Scott?

    1. Hey Andi - I knew it was in the general area but no, I hadn't noticed they were in the same building. It's a pretty good location though, just up from Frankie's Pizza and Malay (best laksa in the CBD)...

    2. Confession: the laksa place was a big drawcard in influencing our choice of location :P We love the Mystery Puzzle on Level 1 of our premises at 37 Bligh Street, so we're hoping that our players will consider giving them a try once they've played our rooms!

    3. Hi Daniel

      Welcome to my blog! I am not at all surprised that the laksa played a large part in selecting the premises - seems entirely logical to me...

      Unfortunately, I really disliked the Mystery Puzzle rooms. I wanted to like them, but when we tried them back when they had just opened, we had really poor experiences in both of their rooms. I think their rooms are more aimed at large (corporate) and/or first-time groups - they aren't innovative (the layout of both of their rooms is almost identical, as are many of the mechanisms and puzzles), their puzzles were clunky (and contained errors) and the level of service provided was poor. That was over a year ago though, so hopefully they have improved...

      Good luck with building your rooms!