Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Another new escape room outfit - The Cipher Room

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There is another new escape room outfit about to open in Sydney, this time in Newtown.  They are called The Cipher Room.

I've been in contact with Marise, one of the owners of The Cipher Room.  She tells me that they are currently putting the final touches on the build and have begun play testing.  They plan to open with one room to start with, called Espionage.  They plan to launch their second room, The Cabin, later this year.

The Cipher Room is run by Marise and David, Newtown locals.  Like so many escape room owners that I know (and escape room players alike!), their love of escape rooms stems back to their Myst and Riven days.  For me, it goes way back to King’s Quest (and later Monkey Island, Myst, Sam and Max Hit The Road, Day of the Tentacle and the list goes on)…

David and Marise make all of their own electronic, wooden and graphic puzzles, which is awesome.  There are few things better than home-made puzzles in an escape room. 

See below summaries of their rooms from their website:


It’s 1945 and you’ve just been recruited as a spy. You receive an urgent message from another agent. She needs to meet you at a safe house where she's been conducting surveillance. Once you arrive, you discover that she's nowhere to be found. However, before she fled 'Agent M' managed to leave you a series of clues. You need to solve these puzzles to locate the secret she's been protecting.

Where did the agent go? Why did she leave in such a hurry? And what mission does she need you to complete?

The Cabin

You're a detective who's been investigating a serial killer case. One day you get a promising lead about a man from some nearby woodlands. He lives alone in an old cabin and, according to neighbours, he's been acting very strangely. You obtain a search warrant, wait for him to leave, and you and your team go in to investigate.
What is inside the mysterious old cabin? Have you finally found your guy? Can you get the evidence and get out in time?

The rooms sound very cool.  They are located at 640 King Street, Newtown.  Their aim is to make immersive gaming environments, with tactile and authentic puzzles and themes.

I'm very much looking forward to checking out both of their rooms!

For more information, check out their website here or their Facebook page here.


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