Sunday, 24 July 2016

100,000 page views!

Today marks the day that my blog has hit 100,000 page views!

I receive lots of emails and comments each week from people telling me that they have found my blog useful, or asking me for recommendations for their particular groups.

A surprising number of people seem to agree with my reviews on most rooms (and most drop me a line after checking out a room that I recommended to let me know how much fun they had).

An experience in an escape room is VERY subjective - it depends on the group you are with, how much you are into the particular theme, how tired you are at the time of trying the room, etc.  And then there are the qualities of the room itself - the puzzles, overall room design, quality of game masters, whether you like hunt and seek fun or just straight puzzles, whether you like a linear room, etc. 

I therefore don't think there is such a thing as the perfect escape room for all groups.  That being said, there are some rooms that get the fundamentals right and not surprisingly, they are the rooms that consistently impress groups of all types.

I hope to be blogging about escape rooms for years to come.  My true hope is that the:
  • true, authentic escape rooms that set out to provide memorable, immersive and fun experiences for players will continue to thrive and grow; and
  • cheap, poorly designed rooms that seem to be solely aimed at making money leave the market.

Unfortunately, many first-timers try one of the latter rooms and it turns them off escape rooms for good.  It's such a shame!

Thankfully, more than half of the escape rooms in Sydney are great rooms run by really enthusiastic escape room owners.  And with a number of new escape rooms set to hit the Sydney escape room market this year, I'm hopeful that this industry will continue to grow for years to come.

Thanks all for reading my blog!


  1. Thanks for your good work on the blog, Scott (sorry about being late to the 100,000 celebration)! I totally agree with your second point, too – it's bad for everyone to have crappy quality escape rooms out there: customers get a subpar experience and waste their money, first-timers might never return, and the whole industry has its reputation tarnished.
    Happily, with new escape rooms opening up all the time (hello!), the market should start to evolve in the direction you hope: bad rooms out, good rooms thrive.
    All the best for your ongoing blogging!

  2. Congratulations indeed! Sterling work on keeping everyone informed on the latest escape rooms antics :)