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Escape Room Oz Sunshine Coast - Room Reviews

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My wife and I recently took our daughters on a short trip to the Sunshine Coast.  I asked around on escape room enthusiast Facebook groups for some room recommendations (thanks Craig and Keziah) and we ended up checking out 3 rooms at Escape Room Oz at Caloundra. 

Escape Room Oz has rooms at Caloundra and Mooloolaba, for a total of 6 rooms.  We went to the Caloundra premises and tried 3 rooms back to back (with a short dinner break).  This time we were a team of 3 – my wife and I (both experienced) and my mother in law who had only been to a couple of rooms previously.

The 3 rooms that we checked out were Time Traveller’s Room, The Conspiracy Room and Outback Hell.  They were our 125th, 126th and 127th rooms to date (and our 2nd, 3rd and 4th rooms in Queensland, after having previously checked out a Cairns room).

Here is what we thought of the Escape Room Oz rooms:
·         the standout room for me was the Time Traveller’s Room.  It was head and shoulders above the other 2 rooms for me.  There was a nice level of tech in The Time Traveller’s Room, there was a really nice mix of puzzle solving and hunt and seek fun, the puzzles were interesting and challenging and the theming was pretty good.  Our team also managed to grab the record, which surprised me (given we were the “lite” version of our normal team);
·         the next best room that we tried there was Outback Hell.  Whilst there were no “wow” moments or standout puzzles, I think Outback Hell was a solid room with a reasonable mix of puzzles; and
·         my least favourite room at Escape Room Oz at Caloundra was The Conspiracy Room.  The puzzles didn’t make a lot of sense to us (even when explained), the room did not have a good flow and our game master was not able to properly explain the puzzles (which is always disappointing).  To his credit, the owner Darren refunded our money for this room.
Overall, we enjoyed our time at Escape Room Oz.  Based on the 3 rooms that we did there, I would describe the rooms as being about in the middle of the pack for escape rooms in terms of design, puzzles and theming (as compared against the other rooms I have been to in Australia).  If you only get the chance to check out one of their rooms, definitely to with Time Traveller’s room.

Where:                        Shop 10a, 51-55 Bulcock Street, Caloundra 4551

Duration:                     60 minutes

Themes:                      6 themes

Cost:                           Price:                           $42pp (depending on team size)

Overall Rating:            The Time Traveller’s Room is the pick of the bunch

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