Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Expedition Sydney have opened in Redfern

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Happy new year everyone!  I was contacted recently by LeeOnn and Damien, the owners of Expedition Escape Rooms.  For those of you who are based in Canberra - firstly, my condolences (a cheap shot, I know).  Secondly, you might be aware that Expedition Escape Rooms already have rooms in Canberra.  They partnered with Rush Escape Rooms from Melbourne on the room design for their Canberra rooms.  

My team has been to Rush Escape Rooms and we have tried 4 of their rooms (and loved them all).  They were really fun rooms (and rumour has it my team still holds the record 3 years later for their Mission: Possible room ;-)

LeeOnn and Damien have opened up a Sydney office.  At this stage, they have one room (called The Forgotten Son) but 3 more rooms are on the way.  The Forgotten Son is their own room design, which is awesome.  LeeOnn and Damien are both enthusiasts, who have done over 110 escape rooms between them.  They tell me that what sets their rooms apart from the rest of the pack is that they try to integrate puzzles into the room instead of just having puzzles for the sake of puzzles.  This is absolutely key in my view - when I think back on my favourite rooms (or my favourite puzzles), they all utilise every day objects that absolutely make sense in a space.  

I'm checking out The Forgotten Son tomorrow night so I'll report back shortly with my review.  

For more information on Expedition Escape Rooms, click here.


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