Friday, 31 August 2018

A Midnight Visit

Hi all

I have learned of a new escape room/theatrical experience that is coming soon to Sydney.

It is enormous - 30 rooms set over two floors.  It is set in the world of Edgar Allan Poe and will be a choose your own adventure style escape room (which is consistent with most theatrical based rooms).  

A short summary of the experience is as follows (taken from their website):

A Midnight Visit is an indoor experience set over two floors and more than 30 rooms, designed to last 60 – 90 minutes. There are adult concepts, uneven floor surfaces, small spaces, low-level lighting and adventures to be had.

Since purchasing my tickets, I received an email that referred to the fact that indicates that the premise behind the experience is that someone you know has passed away and you are going to meet with a funeral home to make the necessary arrangements (House of Usher funeral services - dignified farewells since 1849)...

I actually learned about A Midnight Visit a while back (and I booked my tickets a few weeks ago).   I didn't post about it on here because the last few pop up, larger scale escape rooms that have come to Sydney ended up either being scams or for whatever reason, they didn't go ahead (some of you might remember the Werewolf and Jack the Ripper events that never took place).  In both cases, it took some work to get a refund, so I was a little hesitant to post about A Midnight Visit.

However, in the past 24 hours I have learned that some puzzles in A Midnight Visit are being put together by The Cipher Room in Newtown.  Marise from The Cipher Room has told me that they have been working on some puzzles for A Midnight Visit, so it is an absolute no brainer to get tickets to A Midnight Visit in my view ;-)  

In fact, given that there are 30 rooms to get through!  

The experience appears to be more of a theatrical experience than a true escape room, but these types of experiences have been some of my favourite escape room(ish) experiences I have done to date.  

You can check out more information and book here.

They have now extended their run through to November, so don't worry too much if you are unable to get tickets just yet...



  1. Hey Scott! Did you end up going to this? Ill be going tonight, hope its as good as it sounds!

    1. Hey Paulie

      Sorry for the delay in response. Yes, I checked out A Midnight Visit. In summary, I wasn't a fan. I'll post my review shortly.