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Room Eight Escape Rooms - Indisposed Review (this time as a game master)

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When my team went to Manly in March 2018 to check out the 2 rooms at Room Eight, we got lucky and managed to get the best times for the month of March for both rooms.  You can check out my reviews of their Indisposed and Entombed rooms here and here.

The reward for getting the best times in a month is a free pass to come back.  Given my team had already completed both of their rooms, we decided to gift our free passes to newbies who had not played an escape room before.  My wife's aunty and uncle had expressed interest in trying an escape room, so they went along at the end of May with their 12 year old daughter and my then 5 year old daughter to check out Indisposed. 

We timed our return to Manly poorly, as the escape room coincided with Taste of Manly (which sees scores of people hit Manly for a food and wine event for one weekend a year).  We planned ahead and ended up taking the ferry to Manly (rather than driving there and fighting for a car park).  It was the first time our girls had been on a ferry, so that was cool.

I had picked Indisposed for this group because I think it is a really great room for beginners (and kids in particular).The theme of Indisposed (from their website) is as follows:

Trapped in the outhouse of famous, if somewhat deranged Aussie celebrity Huge Axeman, can you free yourself before the Axeman returns. In an Escape Room like no other, you'll need to think and act quickly as a team to solve puzzles and challenges as the clock ticks down. Even if you can escape the Dunny, you'll still need to survive the Australian wild, and contend with an array of deadly Australian fauna.

It was quite interesting returning to Room Eight.  I have played the role of a game master a few times before at various escape rooms in Sydney - it's always interesting seeing how a different team approaches a room (particularly a team of first-timers).  Some of my other thoughts:  

a)     Indisposed is a really fun, largely linear room with a unique theme;

b)     the clue system also worked really well for this team of first-timers (as players get a free hint for each puzzle);

c)     the theming and props are nicely done – all of the props work well in the space and there is a nice mix of hunt and seek fun;

d)     this team of first-timers all had fun and enjoyed the puzzles and props.  I think they took a little longer than the full 60 minutes to escape, but they had fun and now have a much better understanding of what an escape room is; and

e)     my daughter was chuffed that she managed to find some of the hunt and seek elements (and could therefore add value to the team).  

The set up as a game master at Room Eight is very similar to many escape room outfits, in that a voice of God system is used for hints (in addition to the automated hint system).  I co-game mastered their game with a Room Eight employee who was there.  He had a detailed notes sheet that he used in deciding when to give hints (and what types of hints to give).  There were some glitches on my iPad every now and then (due to the wi-fi signal) but the PC seemed to have no issues.  

As always the test should always be whether teams have fun - this team of first-timers really enjoyed themselves at Indisposed!  

Room Eight have recently launched their third room, Targeted, which sounds like another fun room.  

Where:                         2B, The Corso, Manly
Duration:                     60 minutes
Themes:                      3 themes
Cost:                            $40 per person (although we had won our tickets)
Overall Summary:       A fun, well executed, family-friendly escape room on the easier side
More details:      

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