Sunday, 7 May 2017

Theatre-based pop-up escape room - Art Heist

Hi all

I learned recently from Marise at The Cipher Room that the Jetpack Theatre at Dulwich Hill is running an escape room.  The experience opens on 18 May and will run until 30 July.  

Here is the summary of the experience:

You and your crew plan and carry out a robbery in our purpose-built art gallery.
Distract guards. Avoid cameras. Fool alarms. Dodge lasers. Steal art.
But be quick, time’s already running out…

I understand that there are security guards all over the place (played by various actors) who interact with you throughout the escape.  My first thought was that it sounds a lot like Small Time Criminals, which was an escape room experience run in Melbourne last year that involved a heap of actors playing the roles of security guards that you have to avoid and/or trick. 

I'm pleased to confirm that Jim, the director of the Art Heist tells me that feedback he has received from people who have tried both Small Time Criminals and Art Heist is that the experiences are very different.  

Art Heist goes for 45 minutes, with an intro at the start and a de-brief at the end.  

I have bought my tickets for later this month and I'll report back here with my review.  You can read more about Art Heist on their website here.

Also, if you buy your tickets before 18 May and type in the code word "EARLYBIRD", you will save $30.


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