Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Sydney's newest escape room outfit - CT Adventure Escape Room

Hi everyone

There is a yet another escape room in Sydney.  Special thanks to Suzanne, Tien and Roger, readers of this blog, for letting me know!

The outfit is called CT Adventure Escape Room.  They are based in the CBD (not far from Pitt Street Mall).

They have just the 2 rooms to start with.  According to their website, the rooms are themed as follows:

Forest Force
As a team of jungle explorers, your mission is to rescue a fabled goblin in the forest that was guarded by a monster.  You have to board the ship named “CT Adventure”, which will take you to the jungle to start your journey…….


Mission confirmed: your task is to steal a treasure, known as “T” from the museum.  However, our agent revealed there was an intelligence failure so armed guards now blanked the museum.  What will you do?  Oops, did I mention your mission code is “Operation MU-T”?

I have written to the owners to find out a little more about CT Adventure Escape Room.  I will post an update here once I hear from them.

I've also learned (again thanks to the above readers of this blog) that CT Adventure Escape Room currently has a Groupon special on.  Their standard prices look pretty steep to me (eg $190 for a team of 4).  However, this price currently comes down to just $79 for a team of 4 through Groupon (Mon-Fri only), which is much better.

I've picked up a Groupon and I'm going to check out one of their rooms this Friday, so I'll post a review here soon.  

It's hard to tell from their website whether they are going to be a Mission Sydney quality room, or just another Escape Club.  As always, I'm going in with high hopes...

You can check out their website here and the Groupon here.



  1. we try out forest force quite good. better than expected. i recommend 4-5 people. high tech room. i would rate it a 8.5/10. the puzzle is good just that their communication system is bad. they give you a phone to text them sec later GM run into the room. near our last puzzle the phone run out of battery >.<.

    1. Hi Trong

      Thanks for your comments. My team tried their MU-T room last weekend and I really enjoyed it. It was really high tech and a lot of fun. It was actually one of the more fun rooms we have done for a long while. I will post my summary here shortly on MU-T. We had a similar experience to you regarding the communications system - I didn't mind the mobile phone system, but our phone was almost out of battery at the end of the game and our game master had to come in once as well. Over all though, I think MU-T is a cracker of a room and way better than my expectations.

      We are really looking forward to trying out Forest Force - I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed that room!