Thursday, 4 February 2016

Sydney's latest escape room - Exitus Macquarie Centre (Strike Bowling)

Hi everyone

We have a new escape room outfit in town.  A little over 12 months ago, Strike Bowling opened up Escapism at King Street Wharf. 

Since that time, Strike Bowling has bought out Exitus Escape Rooms, which were based in Melbourne.  Based solely on TripAdvisor reviews, it seems that Exitus had a lot of mixed reviews, due largely to poor service.

Hopefully this will improve with Strike Bowling taking over the wheel.  The new venue, called Exitus Macquarie, will open on February 29 at Strike Bowling at Macquarie Centre.

There will be 3 rooms at Exitus Macquarie:

·        Forensic (which is already available in Sydney at King Street Wharf)
·        Jailbreak
·        Moonshot

You can read my review of Forensic here – it was definitely one of the hardest rooms my group has tried.

The summaries of Jailbreak and Moonshot are below:

I really like the sound of Moonshot (which sounds like what used be called "Apollo Mission" at Exitus in Melbourne).  

I’m really looking forward to checking out Sydney’s latest rooms.




  1. Helo, we are from Malaysia. We love escape games and we have a blog reviewing escape games too at We would like to ask your permission to put your blog link on our blog. It would be great for our readers to learn more about escape rooms from other country.~


    1. Hi. Thanks for getting in contact. Happy for you to link to this blog. I tried to look at your blog but is says I don't have permission (because it is an invite-only group?). Thanks.

    2. Oh so sorry I forgot to change the setting to public. By the way we're planning to go to Australia this end of year and we'll definitely consult your blog to choose which game is worth playing~~
      We're so glad to have found your blog! It’s always nice to hear from other escape room fans..