Friday, 8 January 2016

Canberra gets its first Escape Room - Riddle Room

Just before Christmas, I got an email from Chris and Jesse, the owners of Riddle Room in Canberra, letting me know about the opening of Riddle Room.

Riddle Room is the first escape room outfit to hit the Canberra market. They have just the one room so far, but have plans to open other rooms if things go well.  See below summary of their first room:

The Nightmare Room

You are contacted by the DreamWake Corp. an experimental science facility that specialise in Oneirology, the study of dreams. They have developed a new technology which can transfer a conscious mind into another's subconscious. They need your help with a particular case; a patient is trapped inside a recurring nightmare. 

The DreamWake Corp. believe that if you are able to go deep into her subconscious and find out what is causing the nightmare she’ll be able to wake up. This procedure has never been fully tested and once inside you'll only have 60 minutes before you lose your connection and become trapped inside her nightmare forever. 

Anything could happen in the Nightmare Room. 

Riddle Room is now open and ready for business.  I now finally have a reason to go and check out our nation's capital (because let's face it, what else is there to do in Canberra?!?)


Check out their website here.


  1. Hi Scott, thanks for the blog - we've been using it to work out what puzzle rooms to do when we get to different cities :)

    We're from Canberra, and tried the Riddle Room for the first time last night. We had a lot of fun and the theme/backstory was interesting. There were a few puzzles that we haven't seen before (but we're relative newbies to the game - this is our fourth puzzle room). They had a good mix of different types of puzzles, with my favourites being the mechanical ones.

    The hosts were great at debriefing us afterwards. We stepped through the entire game with them to discuss each puzzle, and how other teams did.

    The hosts were really friendly and did a great job with the overall experience.

    The only downside was that it got really hot in there (it's summer) but they do provide water.

    On the whole, enjoyable and we'll love to see what other rooms they come up with in the future.

  2. Hi Scott, long time reader here and your blog has led me to some of the best escape rooms I've been to in Sydney! I'm from Canberra and I've done about 10-15 escape rooms so far, and wanted to let you know that I've just done the Riddle Room and ranks up there with that of ParaPark in Sydney - for me anyway!

    The theming of the room was amazing - fully immersive, with good non-distracting background noise. Even the hints that were given were over a voice modulator that kept you in the moment. The type of puzzles we had to solve were unique and that I've never seen before. some were *very* high tech.

    I was very amazed at how many puzzles there were, and yet they managed to keep to the theme very well.

    At the end of the game (which my team of two managed to escape with like 2 minutes to spare) they walked us through the entire game, and also gave us a break down of how much time we took for each puzzle, compared to the average. That, I thought was a very nice touch.

    Overall one of the best rooms I've done, in terms of price and pure enjoyment. Hope you don't mind me giving you my opinion here!

    Thanks for a great blog!

    1. Hi Esther

      Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you are getting use out of my blog. I'm also glad to hear that Riddle Room is a great room. I'm REALLY looking forward to getting down there to check it out.

      Thanks again