Thursday, 26 November 2015

Newcastle gets its own escape room outfit

Hi all

I'm still working my way through preparing my Melbourne escape room reviews - I hope to finish them this weekend (see

I've just learned (from a Novacastrian cousin) that a new escape room is opening tomorrow in Newcastle.  I happen to be going to Newcastle tomorrow (but sadly, not with my awesome foursome team of escapees, so I will have to head back there soon to check out their rooms).

The outfit is called Unexpected Exit - they are situated in Hunter Street, Newcastle. 

They have 2 rooms opening up tomorrow, summarised as follows:

Deranged Scientist

Professor Skoda has finally been captured, Professor Skoda the mad genius behind the deadly outbreak of virus X, a virus that as you know has in just under 100 days claimed millions of lives across the bloe, with a cure still yet to be found.  With the location of the Professor's lab now known, your team has been selected to search the Professor's lab in order to find the antidote.  You and your team arrive at the location and enter the dimly lit room but as soon as you enter the room, the door closes and locks, the same time a cloud of gas fills the air... You notice a note on the ground....The not reads "enjoy your last 50 minutes on earth"...

The Terror Cell

You and your team has been sent out to a suspected extremist's house in suburban Newcastle to gather enough evidence to make an arrest and stop the terror cell's progress on Australian soil.  On entry to the house, your team was captured and you were knocked out.  You wake u pon the floor of a room - it is dark and there is a sack over your head and you realise your hands are handcuffed....and so the fun begins...

Hopefully I will get up there in the next couple of months to check out their rooms.  In the meantime, if anyone tries their room, let me know what you thought.

Check out their website here.



  1. Hi Scott,

    Have you played this one yet ?

    I think they have 3 rooms now

    1. Hi Andi

      No, I still haven't got up there and yes they have 3 rooms now. Hopefully I'll get there later in the year...