Sunday, 15 February 2015

Review of PANiQ ROOM - Supercell 117 theme

My group of friends (4 adults) checked out PANiQ ROOM's 'Supercell 117' room in February 2015. This was our tenth escape room in Sydney so far.

We found the place pretty easily, but I can see how some people might get confused (because you have to be down on the correct ground level, which is lower than some of the nearby streets). We found it in about 5 minutes (and we were looking at 9:30 at night) - it is well sign posted when you find the front door.  We were given a briefing by the owners, Akos and Martina and a bit of a history of PANiQ ROOM, which was founded in Hungary.

They currently have two rooms, Supercell 117 and Abandoned Military Bunker on the Rocks.  

First off, I'll say what I enjoyed most about Supercell 117 at PanIQ Room:
  • it was truly excellent.  The design of the room is unlike anything else I have seen and is such a great concept (I would love to go into this more, but it would be too much of a spoiler so I won't - take it from me though, it's very clever);
  • they have a really good mix of high-tech puzzles and low-tech puzzles, many of which are home made and original (which I always appreciate);
  • every puzzle works perfectly, which is great (you would think that this should be a given, but after having done so many escape rooms, trust me when I say that not all rooms have puzzles that work properly - and there is nothing more annoying than puzzles that don't work or are ambiguous);
  • the theming couldn't have been better - the props were all perfect, they made sense and really added to the overall feel of the room.  Every single item in the room made sense - although they did have some red herrings, those red herrings still worked perfectly with the theme.  I really appreciated that there was so much attention to detail with the props and theme;
  • there were some puzzles and locks that we had never seen before and which we all really liked - it's always nice to see something new and different;
  • we got out with 9 minutes and 32 seconds left on the clock, which shows that it is not an easy room by any means.  I think some beginners would find this room challenging, which is a good thing in my honest opinion;
  • the owners are very passionate about their rooms and it shows from the quality of the room.

As for some of the negatives with Supercell 117 at PanIQ Room, I have had a think about this over the past 2 days and my group of 4 who did the room have spoken about it since at length.  None of us could come up with a single negative aspect of this room.  Their price is around $35 per person, but I honestly think that this is very good value given the quality of the room and the amount of fun that we all had. 

I can't fault Supercell 117.  It was incredibly well designed and constructed and the theming and props are the best I have seen so far.  My group enjoyed every minute of it and we really can't wait to try their Abandoned Military Bunker on the Rocks!

Try their room - I promise you will love it. 

Where:                    40 Gloucester Street, The Rocks (entry Cambridge Street)

Duration:                60 minutes

2 themes 

$35 each (4 players) (We got a 20% off opening special)

Overall Rating:      5 out of 5 stars

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog while researching for a good escape room venue for a birthday party (in March), and wanted to say how great it was to read through your reviews. It's been very helpful and I'm looking forward to seeing more. :) Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi K. I'm really glad that my blog has been helpful! Let me know which escape room you end up going to in March and what you think of it. I'd be very keen to see whether others have similar experiences in the same escape rooms (or whether I'm just too picky!)