Monday, 19 January 2015

Review of ClockLocked Sydney - Dexter theme

My group of friends (4 adults) checked out ClockLocked's Dexter room in January 2015. This was our second time to ClockLocked, after having previously tried their Da Vinci room (and it was our sixth escape room in Sydney over all so far).

The atmosphere there is great.  You sit in a waiting room with a few puzzles around you and you are given a briefing by the lovely Dory.  We spent much of our time in the waiting room looking for our photo on the wall from our last adventure at ClockLocked.

They currently have two rooms, Da Vinci and Dexter.  They have a third room, 'Cleopatra' which will open at the end of January 2015.  We were able to sneak our heads inside the Cleopatra room and it looks awesome!

First off, I'll say what I enjoyed most about Dexter at ClockLocked:
  • the quality of the puzzles was great.  Some of them were really creative and were unlike any others we had seen before in any escape room outfit;
  • the puzzles were a good level of difficulty (not too hard and not too easy).  We managed to escape with 20 minutes left on the clock (I found Dexter easier than Da Vinci, but that being said we are now much more experienced with escape rooms than we were when we did Da Vinci);
  • as with Da Vinci, the theming was excellent.  The sounds/music, props, etc perfectly matched the theme;
  • the puzzles all worked without any issues this time (see my earlier review where I noted that we had some issues with one of the puzzles in Da Vinci).  I also liked that after we had given feedback in Da Vinci that it would be good if they warned us that their safes block you for 5 minutes if you enter a code incorrectly 3 times, they now have a little warning sign on their safes to this effect.  They have also put a sign in the window downstairs, which makes it easier to find them; and
  • Dory was lovely and clearly very passionate about ClockLocked!

As for the negatives with Dexter at ClockLocked, it was all very well done and the only comments that I have are that:

  • I think that there could have been another puzzle or two to extend the fun (we finished the room with 20 minutes remaining and based on Tripadvisor I understand that most groups escape Dexter in time).  That being said, I appreciate that it is hard to design a room to suit all groups; 
  • there is not much space in Dexter to move around without bumping into each other. We had a group of 4 people - I couldn't imagine doing this room with any more than 4 people; and
  • others in my group didn't agree with me, but there was one aspect of Dexter that I was a little disappointed with.  Unfortunately, in the interests of not spoiling Dexter for others, I can't say any more about this...

All 4 people in our group really enjoyed ourselves in the Dexter room.  We will certainly be back to try Cleopatra when it opens in a couple of weeks!

Where:                    Suite 101, Level 5, 330 Wattle Street, Ultimo 

Duration:                60 minutes

Themes:                 2 themes (although a third "Cleopatra room opens late January 2015)

Cost:                       $30 each (4 players) (But watch out for coupons - we got 50% off )

Overall Rating:      4 out of 5 stars

More details:

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