Sunday, 21 December 2014

Summary of all escape hunt rooms in Sydney Australia

I thought others might benefit from a table summarising all of the escape hunt rooms that are currently available in Sydney, Australia.  

See the table below (updated on 18 January 2015).  I'd be really interested in any feedback or comments that you have on any of the Sydney escape rooms (good or bad).  

Here's the table - I hope it is useful!

Mission Escape Sydney
My equal favourite in Sydney so far.  It’s pricey (up to $45 per person) but worth it.  See my full review here.
Escape Hunt Sydney
My least favourite of those I have tried so far in Sydney (mainly due to poor theming), but still lots of fun.  See my full review here.
Room Escape
I haven’t tried this one yet.  Lots of options and cheap prices (often on Groupon or become a member for free on their website for discounts). 
The Mystery Puzzle
I haven’t tried this one yet (but one   of the themes is “pirates” so you know it’s going to be good!)
Clock Locked
My fourth favourite (so far) of those we have tried in Sydney.  A couple of problems with puzzles in one of their rooms but otherwise excellent theming.  See my full review here.
This is my equal favourite escape room outfit in Sydney so far.  The quality of the puzzles and theming were excellent. I think this is a really good option if you have never done any escape rooms before. See my full review here.
We did their "Forensic" room, which was incredibly hard.  I would put this room at probably my third favourite in Sydney so far.  See my full review here.
Enigma Room
I’m really looking forward to checking this one out.  It still hasn’t opened (hopefully January/February 2015).
Paniq Room
I’m really looking forward to checking this one out.  It hasn’t opened (hopefully February 2015).


  1. Hi! I've been refreshing Australian listings at and this summary is super helpful.

    One issue is that I just get "509 Bandwidth Exceeded" errors trying to load Do you happen to know the names of their rooms?

    1. Hi Daniel

      Thanks for your comment. I too am getting the same error from the Room Escape/Escape Club website.

      By memory, there are 6 rooms that they offer. I can remember the names of 4 of them:

      - The Curse of Hogwarts
      - Prison Break
      - Virus
      - Chimera

      The other 2 I think were recently updated (and I think they replaced 2 other rooms). I'm not sure of the names of the new rooms (although I think one was about archaeology). I will post another reply later if I remember their names (or when I am able to confirm from their website).


    2. Aha! Using that partial information and Google's web cache, I get that the other two are "Ghost Maze" and "Tomb Raider". The "chimera" room is called "07th November" ("Chimera" is the genre, apparently?).


    3. Great news.

      Two days before Christmas is not a great time of year for their site to go down! Hopefully they don't lose too much business as a result.